Where to Cook During a Kitchen Remodel?

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Your kitchen remodel starts tomorrow. You’re excited. But just before bed, something hits you—where the heck are you going to cook food for the next few weeks?

OK, so you probably thought about that already, but it’s a good question. You’re probably not going to eat out every meal of the day—so where and how will you cook while your kitchen is being remodeled?

1. Designate another room your ad-hoc kitchen.

While your kitchen is out of commission, the rest of your house will have to pick up the slack. Dining rooms are often the best choice, since they typically spacious and have room to accommodate refugees from your kitchen.

Basements, garages and other less-used rooms are also great stand-ins. Remember, you don’t need room to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey. Think smaller.

2. Decide which gear you really need.

When migrating your kitchen tools to another room, think about what you actually need versus what you really, really want.

Sure, a panini press and a popcorn maker might sound fun to toss in your office, but are you actually going to use them?

Keep the essentials, stash the rest.

3. Plan your meals around workhorse appliances.

Slow cookers, electric griddles, microwaves, and hot plates are often enough to get you through your remodel. You’d be amazed at the variety and quality of food you can put together with just a handful of small appliances.

If you’re not able to move your refrigerator to your stand-in kitchen, invest in a mini-fridge. They’re cheap and can hold all of the staples you need in a pinch.

4. Streamline mealtime cleanup.

Washing dishes is the other issue with a kitchen remodel. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of time hunkered over the bathtub or bathroom sink unless you switch your tableware strategy to disposables.

Plastic utensils and paper plates might not look awesome, but they’re a heck of a lot easier to clean up than trying to scrub your normal plates in the tub.

5. Get grillin’.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a grill (and the weather cooperates) then you’ll be pleased to know you can replicate a vast majority of oven dishes right on the grill.

If you have cast iron cookware, that list grows even further (don’t use teflon pans or pots on the grill, it’s way too hot).

6. Keep snacks on hand.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just aren’t going to feel like cooking. That’s where snacks come in.

When morale is low, the best pick-me-ups are simple non-perishable snacks like cheese or peanut butter crackers, pretzels, beef jerky…use your imagination.

7. Get out of Dodge.

If you’re comfortable with your remodeling team, now is the perfect time to take a vacation or head out of town for a few days. It can be frustrating to work with such a limited kitchen for many families, and a vacation is a great way to recharge the batteries.

In any case, think of the big picture. This temporary inconvenience is going to lead to years and years of happiness in your bright, beautiful new kitchen.

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