Kitchen Remodeling in Utah

For the past 15 years, Uptown Remodeling has helped hundreds of Utah families achieve amazingly redesigned kitchens. The reason for our success is pretty simple—we pay as much attention to our customers as we do to our projects.

From the first sketch to the last cabinet hinge, you'll play a central role in bringing your vision to life. This is your kitchen, after all—we're just here to make it happen. Come find out why hundreds have called us Utah's best kitchen remodeling company.

Superior Design

Your needs and your kitchen are unique. So are our designs. A cookie-cutter approach to remodeling just doesn't cut it.

Superior Construction

Remodeling is like a facelift for your kitchen, and you want lasting results. Everything we build is designed to stand the test of time.

Experts Only

Your kitchen deserves the best, so we hired the best. Come meet Utah's most experienced team of builders and designers.

Competitive Pricing

Honest work, honest pay. Our reputation in the community is worth more than making a quick buck.

The Golden Rule

We promise to treat your house just like our own. That means no mess, no trash, no damage.

Superior Customer Service

Our customers love their new kitchens, and we love building them! Maybe that's why they call us Utah's friendliest kitchen remodeling company.

Why You'll Uptown Remodeling

3D Designs.

Better kitchens start with better design, and Uptown's kitchen design is world-class. Our team works closely with you from beginning to end, making sure the final result is something you can be proud of. We're not here to cut-and-paste a template into your kitchen—each project is totally customized to our customers' home and needs.

Superior Construction.

With our design plan at the ready, our building team is ready to get going. Uptown's remodeling squad is hand-picked from Utah's top experts—a team of hardworking, positive people who do remodeling very, very well. We build not just to look good, but also to last a very long time.

Best Customer Service.

People are important to us, and we value connections with customers far more than making a quick sale. Most of our business comes from return customers and word of mouth, so doing a great job—the first time—is crucial for us. We think the key to great customer service is incorporating YOU in our process from Day 1 and delivering on all of our promises...and our clients tend to agree.

Kevin Burns

Salt Lake City Utah

“Best kitchen remodel prices in Utah. Totally blown away by the kitchen Uptown gave me. Sometimes I think I'm dreaming, and only coffee—made on my beautiful new counter top—can wake me up."

Melissa Swasey

Provo Utah

“Kitchen remodel Utah HQ! My kitchen looks like something out of a fairy tale...my fairy tale. Gosh I haven't remembered the last time I enjoyed making dinner before Uptown Remodeling worked their magic."

Mark Miller

Park City Utah

“The guys at Uptown Remodeling are a real class act, and I would totally go back again if I had a second kitchen, but my wife and I are downright obsessed with the one that we got remodeled by Jessie!”

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Your Questions: Answered

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

That depends on the scope and size of your project—however, expect your kitchen remodel to take several weeks.

Do you only do kitchens?

No! We also do great bathrooms, basements, and home theaters.

Is your work protected by a warranty?

Absolutely! Each of our remodeled kitchens is protected by an air-tight 2-year warranty.

How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Utah?

Kitchen remodel Utah cost is difficult to answer because every project is different. However, you can rest assured you'll always get a fair price with Uptown.

Which locations do you service?

Look for us in:

How do I get started?

That's easy—just call us or click that button down below, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible!