Bathroom Remodeling in Utah

Looking for a bathroom remodel in Utah? Over the past 15 years, Uptown Remodeling has worked with hundreds of families across Utah to build amazing, remodeled bathrooms. The reason we've stuck around for so long is very simple

—we pay as much attention to our clients' needs as we do to our projects. From the first mockup of your new bathroom to the final tile, you'll have the lead role in how we bring your dream to life. Come check out why hundreds of past customers have called us Utah's top bathroom remodeling company.

Superior Design

Your vision for a better bathroom is unique, and so is our design team. Rehashing the same plan over and over again just isn't in our DNA.

Superior Construction

Remodeling is like plastic surgery for your bathroom, and we aim to get lasting results. All Uptown bathrooms are built to last.

Experts Only

Your bathroom deserves the best, and we hire the best. Come and see Utah's most talented team of designers and builders ever.

Competitive Pricing

Honest pay for honest work. This is our community, too—and our reputation is incredibly important.

The Golden Rule

We'll always treat your home like our own—no mess, no damage, no headaches.

Superior Customer Service

We love building new bathrooms, and our customers love them too! Maybe that's why we're voted Utah's best bathroom remodeling company.

Why You'll Uptown Remodeling

3D Designs.

Better bathrooms begin with better design, and Uptown's bathroom design is top-notch. Our ace team of designers works with you from the very beginning, ensuring the final product is something you're 100% happy with. We're not in the business of reusing copy-and-paste templates from past projects—each bathroom is totally customized for YOUR needs.

Superior Construction.

After the design team is finished, our elite builders are ready to take over. Uptown's remodeling team is made from the best builders we could find—hardworking, friendly guys who happen to do remodeling extremely well. Our bathrooms aren't just made to look great—they're also meant to last a long time, too.

Best Customer Service.

We value our relationships with our customers far more than anything else. Much of our business comes from repeat clients and word of mouth, so doing fantastic work—the first time—is absolutely critical. To us, great customer service means listening to your needs from the very start and delivering on each of our promises. Our clients seem to agree.

Kevin Burns

Salt Lake City Utah

“I used to dread going into my old bathroom. It was a mess. Uptown Remodeling made me realize there's nothing better than a long shower in a beautiful new bathroom."

Melissa Swasey

Provo Utah

“Uptown Remodeling took care of all 3 of our bathrooms and finally completed our home the way we wanted it to be! Uptown is definitely Bathroom Remodel Utah Central!"

Mark Miller

Park City Utah

“Uptown's team is so friendly and welcoming. They made the design process all about me, and left their ego at the door. Couldn't be happier with my new bathroom.”

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Your Questions: Answered

How long does bathroom remodeling take?

That depends on the size and scope of your project, but expect remodeling to take several weeks.


As long as it takes.

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Do you only do bathrooms?

Nope! We also remodel kitchens and basements and create stunning home theaters.

Is your work protected by a warranty?

Of course! Our projects are protected by a 2-year guarantee.

How much does bathroom remodeling cost?

There's no exact answer since each project is unique—but rest assured you'll always get a fair price with Uptown Remodeling.

Which locations do you service?

Look for us in:

How do I get started?

That's the easy part. Just click that button below or give us a call, and we'll get back to you ASAP.